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[29 Aug 2004|11:10pm]


"and the views choice goes to...."


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[25 Aug 2004|04:11pm]


ok guys listen up....



At exactly 4:30pm, I want all you linkin park fans to go to mtv and cast a vote. Our voices need to be heard. So stop what your doing at 4:30pm and go to the following site and cast a vote for Linkin park:



This is a unity goal for all linkin park fans


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hey [21 Aug 2004|01:13am]

hey i went to the projekt revolution tour at pnc as well. if u had seats it was ok but i had lawn got moshed and had drunks fall over me. and had other really random things happen to me. lol it was fun. i was so shocked at snoop dog. i thought he was going to suck ass. he was absolutely hilarious. first of all he thought we were jones beach. that amused me. heh. korn was absolutely fucking amazing. i went mostly for korn. and i went for linkin park a bit. but korn was crazy. i was fucking freaking out when jon davis came out. <33 k lol projekt revolution was amazing and if u havent gone yet ur gonna love it. bye
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sorry it's a late one, lol. [20 Aug 2004|12:06pm]

[ mood | touched ]

okay, my last post was a quickie and i didn't even touch what i've been dying to say. so, without further ado, i recount the single most awesome day of my winding 18 years, known to all as July 30th, 2004.

We got to PNC so damn early that we wound up parking where the tour people park. w00t. we got there at 9:40 am and sat there just...doing NOTHING until about 12. Mind you the doors open at 2:30. I was chilling by the north gate and and this kid (his name, which i caught later, was Andy) hops out of a van, wearing an PR shirt that was only available to LPU members. I was all ::giddly:: because I was finally meeting another real, live, BREATHING LPU member! lol, anyway, he came up to me (i was wearing my LPU 2.0 tshirt) and said, "I see your in LPU, are you on the Street Team?" and i shook my head and sighed, stating that I'd give my spleen and possibly my appendix and kidney to be on it, especially for LP. He laughed and said, "here, have some Breaking The Habit promo stuff, and some PR stuff, and even the PR sampler!" we talked a bit more and we started waling on the lawn to the south gate entrance for the venue. a friend called, said he was looking for him, where were we, blah blah. Turns out that the friend he was meeting was this totally AWEOME dude named Cameron. Really cool kid, nice, friendly, totally understand me, likes THE SAME MUSIC, (and i mean all the same music, and he's not a tremendous punk fan like :;cough;:RJ:;cough;:) likes anime and RPG and video games. Put simply, this kid can't be cooler. :DDDDD So, it's 1:45 and Andy hands me a whole bunch of LPU3 membership cards, so i made a mad dash, running up to random people and telling them to join because "you'll get the best fucking band taking care of you as a fan". Returned within 5 minutes and was sitting on the railing, talking with Cam and Andy and Maria(my cousin) and Lisa (the girl from work) and I blurted out that it was "hotter then Jesus' balls stuck to his inner thigh". the people next to me were in stitched and tried to talk security into letting me in early just for that statement. Lol.

Finally, 2:30 rolled around, security did the pat down, and i was first for the south gate to be let in, and 1st in the venue. w00tNEss. Then, maria and i bolt over to the TShirt booth and she bought my tour shirt for my b-day, and i bought the Cinemanga/DVD for BTH. We walked into the PR village, which we watched them set up, and it was pretty cool. We went over to the LPU/MSM booth and picked up our samplers. I was a bit disappointed, I really wanted to make it into the M&G, but alas, that's life. We watched the whole dwonset. show and then I walked around a bit, ran into (off all people, my LP partner in crime) MARK LEICHT AND JOE LEMMELIN. lol. we talked and then we went our seperate ways. I went over to the entrances for the lawn and seating around 3:30, i was so excieted. Cameron had been on the lawn for OZZFEST not 2 weeks prior and found really good lawn spots.

 how good?

150 feet away, I can see all the band members walk by the backstage door at all times, hey look it's BRAD AND OMFG ROB and "i can watch the sweat fly from Chester "ALMIGHTY" Bennington's forehead and fo-hawk" good.

hell FUCKING yeah.

 Less then Jake were first to play, and they were good, I wished they had played 'She's gonna break soon' only because that's the only song of theirs i know.

The Used. What to say. they were good, i think that they'd be able to hold their own on their own tour, but due to Burt's bulimia (suprisingly, he didn't puke on stage) it'd never happen for a while. Good music though.

Snoop D-o-double jizzle. he sang P.I.M.P. to repeat what he told me to sing "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, GO DIE." ::twitch::

KoRn. I'd never been hugely into KoRn the way that I'm into LP. I knew some of their more popular songs, since i listen to k-rock religiously, but other then that, not much. I HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK, AND THE ROCK HAS BEEN CROUCHING OVER ME. simply put, KoRn is my new favourite band. And Jonathan Davis is FUCKING AWESOME. The whole KoRn set, I was thrashing so hard i made the stadium spin. w00tability. :O i totally want JD. lmao lmao lmao.

then about 40 minutes after KoRn ripped me a new one and blew me away, LP came on. Mind you, i'm horribly hoarse and getting tired, but the electricity and adrenaline that was rushing through me had me screaming with Chester, in tune, in sync and me fucking half-throwing my sweaty (it was FUCKING BOILING all day) shoe-less self at the stage the whole time i was there. God, simply put, I was releasing 17 years worth of bullshit and anger and hatred and family bullshit. They played the version of BTH that's on the sampler, i was misty (as was everyone else). Numb fucking blew my mind, Wish (NIN COVER) was the shit. During ITE, Mike had a whole bunch of kids run up the centre isle and sing the bridge. During APFMH, Chester decided to hop into the crowd, and before he did so, Mike told the crowd "Now no grabbing off Chester's clothes, we don't need to see that." PSSSSHHH. Crazy teenies started gropping the poor man, at which point he grumbled into the mic "I'm not a FUCKING piece of CHOCOLATE." and was helped back on stage. I stayed through KRWLNG (re-animation version) and I was screaming/crying/going euphoric before i had to leave the sight of the 6 people whom i don't know but have had the HUGEST impact on my life. Ever. The crowd was so intense and so pumped that you could bearly hear Chester and Mike singing. Supposedly, after KRWLNG, Jay-Z came out for 2 songs, and Jonathan Davis did the re-animation version with 1 STP KLOSR to close the show. simply put, I still get goosebumps thinking about it, and whenever i hear any LP song now because i just think back to the show and how intense and raw and FUCKING AWESOME they were.

BAAH. I can't wait until the next show. I'm 1 year ready, totally advanced. Needless to say, I'm stoked, and touched. Thank you Linkin Park. You are truly hero-s.

If I ever get to tell the band just how much they've saved me, I damn sure as hell will.

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[19 Aug 2004|05:42pm]

i went yesterday and i had the shit of a time!
the wall done by korn was awesome!
less than jake awesome too!
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[ mood | energetic ]

Wow, so Projekt Revolution was yesterday and wow fuckin wow, all the waiting and patience was sure worth it.

I started by first going to see the first couple of bands at the 2nd stage. Downset, Instrutction, No Warning putted a great fucking show to start off things. I couldnt go see Funurel for a friend becuase Less than Jake was about to kick off the mainstage show , and o ya, rain fucking rain. It storm for awhile. So things didnt kick off fast enoough for less than jake because of the rain. So The Used was next and the rain had cleared off. They were fucking awesome, but more was yet to come.

After The Used, Snoop Double Hizzle Fhizzle was up. I never thought Snoop Dogg was fuckin great live. When he was performing, the ampitheater was packed. There was a moment when he was on that these girl came on, and when they left , snoop said the following..."get me ten backstage passes for them backtage asses" haha

When Snoop left, Korn was next. Korn never dissapoints when they perform. They made the crowd so fucking excited and just rocked the event. It was great when one of the singers from the used came on stage to sing along with Jonathan Davis.

Korn was done and the moment i was waiting for arrived....LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!
They made everyone jump and they perform every lil song fucking well. At one moment, i stopped and said to myself...."O Thank you, Thanks so fucking much for this evening"
LP did a cover song of NIN and chester did a great ass job. They ended the song of all songs with "One Step Closer" and wow this was the best fucking day of my life..

I like to give some shouts to some ppl that made this nite great:

Selina - you are truly a perfect example of a great, generous, kind, human beign. I hope we still remain contact after this nite , because without ur help, i wouldnt be at the concert that nite. If you ever need a favor of any matter, plz call me. Thanks again!

Brittany(if ur reading this) - Wow, it was great surprise seeing you there. I am so glad you like Linkin Park, I will definitely talk with you more at school. We should also hang out!

Sheri - You and your husband couldnt have been any greater, i'm so glad you guys were placed in the seats next to me. I hope you and your husband had fun and i wish you guys a safe flight home back to Germany!!!!!!!!

Well thats it, guess till next year's Projekt Revolution show....

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[10 Aug 2004|03:52am]

[ mood | complacent ]

What can I tell you about these guys that you don't alreay know? They Fucking Rock. End of story. I saw them At The Hartford, CT Show a few days ago and they were Amazing. My best frend and I both managed to sneak up into First Row for the Entire Show. The view was great and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn’t believe I was experiencing this, me being inches away from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS EVER. Just watching them perform and putting on an Amazing show. It felt so surreal, but it wasn’t. There are no words I can use to describe the feeling I had to describe this experience. All I can say is that Linkin Park Kick ass. Period. If I had enough money, I’d follow them to to Every last date on the tour. Yeah I’m a Linkin Park Whore. Deal with it.

HitTheFloorCollapse )

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projekt revolution o4 - meadows, hartford [05 Aug 2004|01:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

i went to see projekt revolution at the meadows music theater in hartford connecticut last saturday...it was -awesome-, to say the -least-. my entry about it is here, check it out - http://www.livejournal.com/users/f0rg0ttens0ng/70172.html.

i'm getting pics developed now, so i'll probably post them on monday! ;D


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[04 Aug 2004|09:31pm]

Anyone going to the one in Chicago?? I have the times of who is playing as well as the songs if you'd like them. Plus, I am going and want to see if anyone else is.
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[04 Aug 2004|02:06pm]

guys, the concet was fucking AWESOME!! we had such a blast. the ride from North Jersey down to Camden sucked, but once we got there..oh man! it was crazy. so unorganized. the kids out on the lawn were covered in mud b/c it had just rained, they also thought throwing it was hysterical. so many drunk people. my bf was very nervous about the 4 of us loosing each other b/c the way ppl were acting. Alex saw a kid get hit REALLY bad in a fight. when my bf & Alex went to get drinks a 30yr old drunk woman pinched their asses. they said guys were pissing on the walls & in the sinks in the bathroom.
we had pretty good seats. b/c the directions that the Tweeter Center gave us SUCKED, we only got to see Snoop, KoRn & LP. (hey seeing KoRn was worth it to me)
i wish i had pictures to post, but i didnt get a chance to go buy a disposible camera.
Jen, my bf & i bought the black PR shirt w/green writing on it. so now we have matching shirts. i felt like an idiot once i got there w/my blue hair (temp dyed it yesterday am)

i dont listen to Snoop, so it was like w/e. then KoRn came out. i was so jumpy. i was driving everbody nuts. shaking my legs, poking, being all jumpy waiting for KoRn to come out.
they came out playing Right Now & ended with Ya'll Want A Single. they also played The Wall by Pink Floyd. Jon went back & got his bagpipes, he was killing me as he played one long note. i couldnt wait for him to play Shoots & Ladders. aw man, aw man.

LP was awesome 2. i didnt have much energy left over after KoRn, but i did the best i could.

i'm gonna go get into the shower since i still have blue hair. if you want to know anything else, ask me. wooohoo!! :~)
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[28 Jul 2004|03:39pm]

got my tickets today for this upcoming Tues!! so excited! & it seems my boyfriend is gonna go with us & we are not gonna have to leave early & miss LP. yay-ness! :~)
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question [26 Jul 2004|10:21pm]

I am going to the PNC holmdel show this Friday July 30th. super excited I love linkin park! Anyway I was interested in catching Less Than jake, and I was wondering if anyone knows what time they go on?
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[26 Jul 2004|04:29pm]

hey guys!,

Well Projekt Revolution has begun and I cant wait for the show in Tampa. I do have a problem. Two of my friends who were suppose to go wit me to the show will be now going to Europe with there college class. As for me, I am now trying to find someone whos is going to the Tampa show to see if he or she wanna meet at Ford Ampitheatre. Also if you wanna see the show with me. My aisle 105, Row D Seat 1.

If anyone here that is going to tampa show will like to help me out, my aim is hypedude351 and my lj name is latindude286

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[26 Jul 2004|10:04am]

Hey all! *waves* Just found this community! I went to the PR stop in Columbus on Saturday.. All the bands were awesome (with a few exceptions..)! Snoop Dogg, Korn, and Linkin Park all put on good sets. The energy flowing thru the crowd was incredible. This was my first big concert.. no, I don't get out much! :P It's pretty impressive when the bands are better in concert than on the CD. That's how it should be all the time. I wish I were going to the Cleveland and Pittsburgh stops too!
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[25 Jul 2004|04:30pm]

My friend and I are going to see PR tomorrow night, and we have a question: how long is the concert? We figured with so many bands being there, it'll be long, but we're just wondering HOW long...
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[25 Jul 2004|10:29am]

i got a chance to see the projekt revolution tour in cincinnati, oh and man was it a badass show!! i saw the tail end of snoop dogg but korn was amazing!! they even did some ssurprise songs along with a couple of the old stuff mixed in with the new stuff. linkin park was also badass. they really put on a good show. unfortunetly i didn't bring a camera so i don't have any pics.
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[20 Jul 2004|04:18pm]

[ mood | cant wait ]

::MOD Note::

Hey guys,

First of all , I like to thank each and every one of you that join the community. The community wouldnt be here without you guys. So today is July 20th. That means in 3 days, PROJEKT REVOLUTION 2004 will kick off. I'm exicted, are you? Hehe!

Anyways one of my reasons for typing this post is to urge yall to promote or tell other linkin park fans about the community. Also, the more members we get, the more pics, info, stories, and fan base enjoyment will be place in the site. So tell your friends or non-friends to join!!!!!

Also, to anyone from this community who is goin to any of the first couple of shows, it would be great if yall post pics, like i already said above.

This has been the pr04 MOD!

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[20 Jul 2004|04:08am]


wow, i thought maybe some people had Projekt Revolution as there interest, but i never expected there to be a community. i have to say one thing though... KoRn needs to be added to the info page.

i'm so fucking excited i'm getting to go! i saw KoRn, TrustCo & Disturbed on the Pop Sux Tour in '02 & i can't wait to see KoRn again!!!!

myself, my boyfriend, xxpunkxx & her boyfriend are all going to the August 3rd concert in Camden, Nj. we actually just bought tickets like Sat. i'm impressed we got such good such seats @ such a late time. we originally wanted PNC, but they only had lawn seats left..ew.

Ticketmaster & K-Rock Radio.com says only KoRn, Linkin Park, The Used & Snoop Dogg is playing. i know more bands are playing, but the question is who? i heard that maybe Less Than Jake, & Ghostface might also be there. any truth?

xxpunkxx, me & her boyfriend were all talking tonight & we guessed that LP is the mainliner. we right?

gah! i can't wait!!!! :~)

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[14 Jul 2004|09:03pm]

awesome theres a comm for this. 19/f/ca. I JUST found out about PR04 a week ago.. I went online to check out the tour dates, and the closest one to me in 3 hours away.. I really want to go. Its in Mountain View, CA on September 5th. Is anyone else going to this venue?

And I have no idea how the hell I am going to find time to go to both stages.. Theres people on both I want to see!! :)
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[ mood | ecstatic ]

im so very happy right at the moment!! im going to PR04!!! MUAHHAHAHHAHA. im going the concert in tinley park see you all there those of us who are going the that particualr concert!!!!

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